SENTEC – FME808 Split Type Electromagnetic Flowmeter

FME808 Split Type Electromagnetic Flowmeter


Nominal diameter DN2-DN2200mm
Nominal pressure DN2-DN150 ≤1.6MPa 

DN200-DN1000 ≤1.6MPa

DN1100-DN2200 ≤0.6MPa

10-42MPa(special customized)

Accuracy ±0.5%,±1.0%
Repeatability 0.10%
Dielectric conductivity Conductive medium (conductivity ≥ 5μS / cm)
Maximum medium temperature FEP or F46 < 160 ° C 

Neoprene (CR) < 60 ° C

PTFE lining (PTFE or F4) < 180 ° C

Polyurethane rubber (PU) < 40 ° C

Power supply Single phase AC 85-250V (45-63Hz) or DC 20-36VDC
Output signal 4-20mA / 0-10mA current output, pulse / frequency output, switch signal output (optional);
Communication mode RS485, RS232, MODBUS protocol, HART Protocol (optional)
Protection level IP65, IP68
Ambient temperature -30°C~ 60°C
Ambient humidity 5% ~ 95%
Power dissipation Less than 20W


Magnetic Flow eter adalah pengukur aliran yang mengukur aliran cairan konduktif. Disingkat EMF, juga disebut Electromagnetic flowmeters. Ini adalah sejenis pengukur aliran Volumetrik. Pengukur aliran magnetik mengukur kecepatan cairan konduktif yang bergerak melalui pipa atau saluran. Dalam industri pengolahan air limbah, Magnetic Flow Meter adalah pilihan pengukur aliran terbaik.

FME800 series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a new generation of fully intelligent flowmeter developed by our company based on Faraday electromagnetic induction principle. The electromagnetic flowmeter can not only measure the volume flow of conductive liquid, but also measure the volume flow of corrosive liquid such as strong acid and alkali, and even liquid-solid two-phase suspension liquid such as mud, pulp and pulp. It is widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, pharmacy, food and beverage, paper making, electric power, urban water supply and drainage and environmental protection.

According to its application, the types of electromagnetic flowmeter have Magnetic Water Flow Meter,Remote Magnetic Sewage Flow Meter,Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter,Magnetic Sanitary Flow Meter,Magnetic Stainless Steel Flow Meter,Magnetic Battery Operated Flow Meter,Magnetic Large Diameter Pipe Flow Meter, Magnetic High Pressure Flow Meter, Magnetic Open Channel Flow Meter etc.


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